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Lean IN|Netherlands is run by men and women who generously volunteer their time to advance the mission of shaping a new definition of leadership.

Board Members, Lean In Next Foundation

Melissa Romero

Chair & Founder

“My motivation to start Lean In Netherlands comes from my deep belief that we will only reach our full potential as a society if we allow everyone to be fairly represented at all levels of it. To make this possible, we need to break the traditional stereotypes and instead start celebrating everyone for the differences they bring to the table, allowing them to thrive, by being 100% just who they are. We joined Lean In to grow together as society, to make a difference, to empower one another and to change the world, one micro – action at a time” 

Rubiah Balsem

Vice-chair & Founder

“As Co-founder of Lean In Netherlands, I find it important to contribute to the conversation about gender, inequality, and diversity from the point of view of ‘including perspectives’. If we open up the conversation and redefine definitions as leadership and success, we no longer will need quotas.”

Mieke Klanker

Board Member

“My Lean In circle has brought me inspiration, encouragement, new perspectives and so much more, that I want to enable others to have this enriching experience too. Through Lean In Netherlands I hope to support many others to become leaders. So that we no longer talk about female or diverse leaders, but just leaders”

Leadership team, Lean In Netherlands Chapter

Andreina Romero, Head of Circles

“My drive is the benefit of a more balanced, inclusive & diverse leadership at all levels within the business, academic and entrepreneurial worlds. I am proud to be a part of Lean In Netherlands to support this leadership re-shape, and to encourage and engage our community along the way.”

Bogdan Manta, Head of Partner & Corporate Relationships

“People of every gender must be able to pursue their dreams without bias or other barriers holding them back. Which is why I am so invested and humbled to be part of the Lean In Netherlands team and to strive to make a difference, to close the gender gap and work towards a more inclusive leadership.”

Chantal Schinkels, Head of Research

“The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t un-see it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There’s no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable.” This quote from Arundhati Roy is my reason to participate. This is the place to empower, redefine leadership and create an equal workplace.”

Douwe van den Brink, Secretary

“Redefining leadership and creating equal opportunity for everyone in the workplace are themes which are closely aligned with my values and beliefs in life. I am happy to support Lean In to create positive and sustainable change in these areas and represent men in helping drive these changes.”

Kary Florez Pinto, Head of Events

“I wanted to do more to improve the talent pipeline and provide a venue for women to support each other. On my path on searching for the correct network group, I came across Lean In. Lean In Netherlands inspires professionals, and better support their success. It’s a physical platform where we can connect, inspire, and collaborate with each other, and access the resources we need to succeed.”

Komal Ali, Head of Legal

“I decided to join Lean In NL because I’ve felt passionate about redefining gender norms ever since learning as a child that my mother, a trained nurse, wasn’t allowed to pursue a career because of her gender. My contribution thus far has been to local and international projects that socially and financially empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds. I strongly believe that we cannot tackle the complex challenges facing our world today without enabling women and non-binary persons to become true equals first. “

Silvia Roman Balladares, Head of Marketing & Growth

“Lean In Netherlands is the perfect opportunity to play a role and be the change on redefining leadership and building a more equal workplace. I believe we should always grow, in a sustainable way, where every one has the same opportunity to work towards reaching their goals. Lean In is the platform where I choose to make a difference and have an impact in the way things work to make them better for the future.”

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