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Hi Kary and Silvia, what can you tell us about you?

We are Kary Florez & Silvia Román, founders of Lean In NL en Español. We met in 2019 in the kick off meeting with all volunteers for Lean In NL Conference “Be The Change”. We connected and knew we wanted to start a Lean In circle, it happened that we shared our culture, as we are both from Latin America, and we share our vision creating a space for other spanish speakers living in NL so we can grow together via this circle. 

Silvia: I am a Nicaraguan living in The Netherlands for 3 years now and with a Marketing Background, currently working as a Head of Growth & Product Marketing. I love helping others, especially if I am able to see them grow. My superpower is using my growth mindset to translate ambitious objectives into incremental steps to reach goals. 

Kary: Born and raised in Colombia, moved to The Netherlands to study International Business Management. Got captivated by the country of million opportunities and have been here for the past 22 years. An expert in Market Intelligence with more than 16 years of professional experience in multinationals. A designer and creative by passion who discovered her aim to increase the number of and success of female entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs, by breaking down the barriers to access the resources they need to be successful. 

Kary is  a mother of two kids and she is building a legacy to her children: “create a space of your own, where you invite like minded people, empower and support each other to create, fail and Win together” “Change begins with you”.

Why did you start your Lean In Circle?

We started our circle to motivate and support the spanish speaker community in NL in their reinvention process, contributing to gender equality and to a better world. By starting the Spanish speakers circle, we wanted to create the go-to destination to find a community, inspiration, education and support, to together create and achieve massive change.

Can you share with us about the moment you knew you were making a difference with your Circle members? 

Each day, after our meetings, we get comments from our circle members sharing how energized they feel after the meeting, and beyond that, how inspired and motivated they are to work on their personal and professional goals. 

Can you describe a scene of your vision for the future?

The future of our Lean In circle, an atmosphere full of strong women and men artists, spiritual teachers, dreamers, thinkers, doers, who work together and support each other to achieve positive change working towards gender equality.

Who can join your circle?

Women & Men from the Spanish speaking community living in The Netherlands and who want to go through the journey of self-awareness and grow to our highest potential, together. We currently have 10 members in our Lean In circle, from 8 different countries, different backgrounds that include marketing, accounting, hr, industrial engineer etc.. and we talk about different topics including ways to fight bias in the workplace, entrepreneurship, reinvention, and even sex education.

Is your circle open for new members?

Yes, we are open for new members.

How can anyone reach you?

You can find us in Facebook, LinkedIn or via our Website

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Lean In Netherlands is an action-driven community that counts more than 32 Lean In circles and a community of over 1000 men and women that come together to support each other, learn new skills, talk openly about ambitions and get inspired to take on new challenges by defining micro-actions that make a difference in each of their lives.

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