How to convince your manager to invite you to our annual conference?

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You would like to professionally grow, you want to learn and you want to be inspired. How to do this?
The best way to do so is to get in touch with inclusive leadership experts and likeminded people who
want to connect and show you how you can grow.

During the Lean In Conference on the 29th of November there is plenty of time and room to connect with your core values and grow your leadership capabilities with the power of our community.

This conference is a unique opportunity to listen to inspiring talks, take part to interactive workshops, & networking designed to enable self-connection, collaboration and empowerment to advocate for change in achieving gender equity.

But first things first, you have to convince your boss to let you go to the Conference. Your
boss may not see the same benefits as you. You see a lot of opportunities to connect and to
meet cool new people. But it takes time off of work and it takes some money. Luckily in these
days company leaders must take in mind that personal development is necessary in the
working life. It is up to you to remind them of this fact and why it is important for YOUR
personal development and would benefit THEIR company.


Write down some questions to ask yourself why you want to attend this conference.
– Are people who inspire you coming to this event?
– What would you take out from the event?
– What kind of skill that you have would grow because of this event?
After you have these answers, you are more likely to have a better argument towards your
boss than “it’s fun!”
For exemple, participating the conference live will allow me to:
– Learn latest trends and get inspired by the keynote speakers
– Participate in workshops to develop my leadership capabilities Learn more about how I can support the change towards diversity, gender equity and inclusive leadership
– Connect and network with 150 other experts and leaders from different companies and backgrounds

THIS YEAR THEME : Grow, connect and lead
Despite to take this all in action before you go and ask your boss, if you are excited and
willing, just go for it! Personal development is not only good for your job, also good for you as
a person. As the Lean In Conference is all for growing, connecting and leading, you for
example can see Fiona McDonnel talking about “The Power of Connection” and attend a
Connected Leadership workshop by Sunny Khan, Leadership and Change consultant.
During the breaks and lunch there is time to network and get in touch with other likeminded
and cool people. And so much more… Find the full agenda here.


To go to the conference you need to lay out the logistics. When is it? How much time do I
need off work? How long do I need to travel? Do I need to stay at a hotel? How much does it
all together costs? Once you have all of this information, you also need to take in mind if the time you can take off is not during a peak moment of your work. Your boss might not want you to be gone
during an important meeting with a big client. Keep in mind that you can attend the onsite event or online event!


You can either passionately pitch your boss or send them an email, we prepared a template here. For a ultimate argument you can even suggest on to host a webinar for colleagues so you can pass on the
information you would have learn.

For more information check the event:

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