Circles create change

Circles are small groups of women who meet regularly to learn new skills, network and encourage each other. Circles can be groups of friends, co-workers, neighbors —anyone at all.

How does this work?

Support network

Whether your Circle is made of friends, co-workers, or women you’ve met in our community, you’ll soon have a tight knit support group to guide you through your career and through life. Many Circles have been meeting for over five years!

Monthly meetings

Circles usually meet once a month at any time that works for the group. Meetings can happen in person or virtually, and right now most Circles are meeting over Zoom.

Skill building

We provide free meeting guides and resources to prompt group discussion and help you learn new skills together. Every meeting closes by committing to One Action—one thing you’ll do to step outside your comfort zone or learn a new skill before your next meeting.

In The Netherlands, we have 20+ active Circles at the moment.

You can join us in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere, and Groningen… or start a new Circle yourself.

Why join or start a Circle?

Circles are a place where we women can be unapologetically ambitious, give voice to our dreams, and get the push we need to start chasing them.

They are a place to share ideas, learn new skills, and seek advice. Most of all, they are a place to help each other become our best selves.

Whatever your goal—whether you’re working towards a promotion or building your confidence, reentering the workforce, or starting a business—your Circle will help you get there.

86% of women in Circles say their group has made a positive impact on their life.

We organize a Circle Factory in Amsterdam every three months. Everyone interested in starting a new Circle or joining one of the existing 20+ Circles is welcome. Subscribe to get the latest news and updates about our next Circle Factory.

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All Circle Members embrace the following three key principles: communication, confidentiality, and commitment. The definition and governance of these values are discussed and agreed upon when a new Circle starts and when a new member joins the group.

Circles can decide how they would like to organize themselves: Where, when, and how frequently would we like to meet? What topics would we like to discuss? Are we open for everyone to join or do we set requirements?

All Circles have a Circle Leader who is the linking pin with the rest of the organization. Circle Leaders connect with other Circle Leaders and the Leadership Team.

Tips for topics from our existing Circles: organize a lunch meeting with female CEOs, invite an expert on personal branding, learn negotiation skills together, or discuss the meaning of feminism. Or download the easy minute-to-minute guides on all kinds of topics from the global Lean In website.