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Let’s talk about inclusive leadership!

At Lean In Network Netherlands, we are committed to raising the awareness and the capabilities of our community members to nurture an inclusive workplace environment. That means not only to act as the leaders of the future, who are conscious of their biases and know how to navigate them, but also to be the ambassadors of inclusivity and show up for others when they see unfair treatment. Driving the change will take time, we know that, and we can only speed this up if we engage more people in the conversation.

As we are hosting our  Connect, Grow, Lead: Together for an Inclusive Future 2022 Conference, which will take place on November 29 at the Wicked Grounds Amsterdam.

We’d like to provide a few free tickets to our dearest community groups – the young professionals, who are to be the builders of the inclusive future we envision, and the female entrepreneurs, who are eager to challenge the status quo and create, rather than comply.

During the conference, we will tell many stories on how to deal with biases, your own and those of others; how to lean into connecting when it might feel counterintuitive, but yet only through connect we can show our true colours and see others for who they are. We are to talk about inclusive leadership and how it looks and feels like. Our conference would be a day mixed of inspiration, education, discussions and trying something different… about yourself. Because it all starts with the self and how we see the world around us.

If you are a young professional, join us to get a glimpse of how we see the future and to inspire your growth toward the inclusive leader YOU want to be.

If you are a female entrepreneur, join us to discuss the trends of today so as to shape the future of business and leadership. We need your creativity, your strength, and your passion to drive the change toward a workplace environment where people feel safe to be themselves and support each other’s growth. 

To get your ticket, fill in this application to tell us YOUR story and the impact you’d like to make.

There is would be a few questions regarding your experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion.
We will carefully read all applications and select 10 persons to join the conference for free.

More information about the event here.

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